DirectoryInfoEx includes a range of classes to support operations in  normal and shell directory (like Desktop and Libraries in Win7), yet provide similar interface as System.IO.DirectoryInfo.

I have updated DirectoryInfoEx to 0.22, with the following changes.

  • ImageExtractor, which uses IExtractImage interface to extract thumbnail of supported files, return null if none extracted.
    e.g. ImageExtractor.GetIExtractImage(@”C:\xyz.doc”, new Size(120,120), hq);
  • PreviewControl, it’s a WinForms version of Tamir Khason’s WPF Preview Handler, I did some modification so it can report if it support a specific file type, and added support for multiple instance.  The main class, PreviewHelper, is no longer coupled with the WPF/WinForms.
    e.g. Controls.Add(new PreviewControl(@”C:\xyz.doc”));

You can download the component here, or read the article in codeproject.