WPF Aero Titlebar is a WPF Control which emulate a  system title bar in Aero theme.  It support drag to move, resize, minimize, maximize, restore, close.  Because it’s actually a WPF Control, you can use up the space in title bar by placing another WPF control on it.

Download CustomTitlebar 0.2

This version included a number of new features/bugfixes :

  • Added ShowTitle property, which allow toggle the Visibility of title.
  • Both Title and Content are now contained in the same container (DockPanel), which allow the Content take up the space when ShowTitle is False.
  • Added ResizeGrip control, and removed the related code in TitlebarContainer.
  • Added Animation when Minimize (changes the WindowStyle when minimize)
  • Fixed Maximize take up the full screen, which included the titlebar (changes the WindowStyle and ResizeMode when maximize)