FileExplorer includes two WPF controls, DirectoryTree and FileList.  Both support any normal/shell directory, background item loading, drag and drop, shell context menu, also refresh itself when the filesystem is changed.

FileList also support seven different viewmodes, sort using grid header, multi-select via dragging and able to update itself when the FileSystem is Changed.

I have updated FileExplorer to 0.7, with the following changes.

  • Fixed a bug that caused wired thumbnail render.
  • Fixed W7TreeViewItem Style, which enable hot track only over the text instead of the whole line.
  • Fixed Virtual FileListItem retain selection state (IsSelected = true) after SelectAllCommand and User selecting another item (via Selection Helper).
  • Fixed click on GridView Header recognize as drag start.
  • For GridView, only support selection if drag occur inside the first column
  • Drop operations now use WorkEx, which support custom progress dialog implementation and run in separate thread.
  • OverwriteMode changes in DirectoryInfoEx 0.19.  (see below)

Before overwriting an existing file, CopyWork and other Works do raise a WorkOverwrite event, which is a property : Overwrite, to allow specify to continue overwrite (or not).  Currently this property is a boolean, where true is equal to overwrite.   To make the it more extendable, it is changed to OverwriteMode enum type.

public enum OverwriteMode { Ask, KeepOriginal, Replace };

You can download the control here, or read the article on CodeProject.
SelectionHelper 0.4 can be downloaded here.