FileExplorer includes two WPF controls, DirectoryTree and FileList.  Both support any normal/shell directory, background item loading, drag and drop, shell context menu, also refresh itself when the filesystem is changed.

FileList also support seven different viewmodes, sort using grid header, multi-select via dragging and able to update itself when the FileSystem is Changed.

I have updated FileExplorer to 0.6, with the following changes.

  • Updated DirectoryTree Style so it match the style of FileList.
  • Added a wide range of Commands (in SimpleRoutedCommand format, 6 for FileList, 2 for DirectoryTree and 6 for both), can be accessed by
    • calling FileList/DirectoryTree.Commands (In separate class to reduce the complexity of main control).
    • most of those commands are bound with a RoutedUICommands, like ApplicationCommands.SelectAll.
    • shortcut keys (e.g. F2 for rename)

    See FileList/DirectoryTree/SharedCommands.cs for details.

  • Updated DirectoryInfoEx to 0.18.

DirectoryInfoEx and FileExplorer is released under LGPL license.
You can download the control here, or read the article on CodeProject.